Vacuum Repair

Dyson vacuum cleaner service and repairs

We service and repair all models of vacuum cleaners, from the uprights to the trailing models so if you need a vacuum repairing or servicing please call us on 07970 618392 to arrange time to suit you. We also sell refurbished cleaners.

What does a service include?

A thorough physical examination to assess appliance suitability, general condition, fuse rating, plug condition, cord grip and terminations, condition and suitability of cable, appliance end cord grip and appliance controls. The service will also include cleaning or replacing filters, checking belts, hoses and switches etc.

How long will it take to service my machine?

Service will be carried out in our workshop. Please telephone us on 07970 618392 to book a day that’s convenient to you.

If you need a repair or replacement parts we can supply these. We also provide a free electrical safety test and certificate after the repair to ensure full working order for your own peace of mind.

Can I have a replacement machine while mine gets repaired?

Yes, we can provide a replacement vacuum whilst yours is being fixed at no extra cost.