Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

Almost 20 years ago when electric bikes first started come into my workshop for repairs and servicing the electrics were powered by heavy sealed lead acid batteries, then not that long ago much lighter lithium batteries started to come available and over the past five or six years have improved and made electric cycling very popular today.

You may be considering buying your first electric bike for commuting to work or just for pleasure or may be to keep up with the grandchildren, for that bit of power when you need it perhaps after a hip or knee operation.

There is no need to spend a lot of cash on a top of the range dedicated electric bike and here is a very good reason why not. Buying a dedicated electric bike and paying over two thousand pounds is okay until it has problem then finding a shop with a guy who can fix it or ever having the faulty part to get your bike back working again.

My advice with over 20 year experience, if you own a good bicycle like Giant or Claud Butler, Specialised etc. is to have an electric conversion kit fitted on to your bike. These can be front or rear wheel motor or a Bafang mid-drive motor from your pedal crank. There is a lot of variations that will determine how it could cost you. Different power power level of the motor from 250 watts to a very powerful 1000w then the lithium iron battery the battery that cost you more will give a much further mileage.

The cost from around five hundred pound to over £1000. But the most important thing to take on board, if there is a problem you can be back on the road usually within 24 hours.